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HOW TO Transfer Files (Amiga To PC & Vice Versa) Using A Serial Cable
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Introduction To Tutorial

Remember those modules you made on your trusty Amiga or maybe even your art work? and also the fact that the files where to large to put on disk even if you would compress them? This tutorial will show you how to make a connection between your Amiga and PC using a serial cable for transferring files between the 2 systems and save yourself alot of disk swapping and Troubles ;)

WARNING: This Tutorial Requires you to have some experience in configuring software and connecting Cables, we are not responsible for any of your actions!

All of the text below is written out of own experience therefore i've setted an Amiga 1200 with OS3 as an standard since I only own an A1200 and 2 broken A500's So i haven't been able to test this little project on another system Setup :(


To get going with this tutorial you need:

  • Workbench 3.0
  • An Amiga 1200
  • A working PC (P120 was used for testing this)
  • Null Modem Cable on the Amiga and PC serial Port
  • EasyTransfer

NOTE: EasyTransfer is a copyrighted freeware utility made available from Aminet

Once you have all of the above proceed to the guide.


Asuming you know to transfer PC files to your amiga using a diskette with the help thru one of the other Guides and how to depack the provided Software, Read Along or else check those out first :) if you're already known with these continue on below

Serial Transfer

Unpack Easytran.lzh on the Amiga and PC side to a directory of your liking and check if all the files are unpacked and ready for usage.

Now let's get started on the PC side, open a Dos-Prompt window or reboot your system to DosMode with a boot disk or press F8 during your bootup and select "Safe Mode MS-Dos". I highly recommend that you run in a clean dos mode since if you run under the Emulated windows dos alot of connection problems kan arise this due to windows coming between everything all the time

Now get to the directory where you extracted EasyTransfer IE: "C:\easytran". If the cable is connected on your Com1 user the following command line for running EasyTransfer: "EasyPc.exe -1 -v" if you want to use your com2 use "EasyPc.exe -2 -v", The "-v" option makes your PC show what he's doing if you don't add the "-v" you'll see IBM printed all over your screen gradually changing in AMIGA! (for more info see the documentation provided with EasyTran.lzh

Assuming you've selected the right com port we have the Slave (your PC) running and ready to receive the other necaserry parameters. Now let's get going with your Amiga. Open the Drive/Folder where you depacked EasyTransfer and now run the "EasyAmiga" Gadget. Once started you'll get a nice GUI showing a Server and Amiga Window. In the lower Right Corner you must seek for the "Config" gadget and click it to configure what speed of connection should be used and other setting let's explain them step by step

  • Serial Port Name -> Standards are Serial.device or Input.device
  • Serial Port Unit -> Leave this one on "0" if you don't have any other ports
  • Wait for Reply -> this is the time out period that it will wait to synchronize
  • Try Communication Speed -> shall be explained below
  • Program Serial Port -> Directly gives the fastest options, BIOS is more compatible
  • Check Link -> when set the program will give pulses to the slave to keep it alive
  • On CheckSum Errors -> How many times a bad packet should be retransmitted

Communication Speed

Since the transfer speed does mostly rely on the speed of the Slave and Master system speeds you have to be creative with this setting, I managed to have a very stable connection using "57600" Baud while having the slave run in a fully No-Windows Dos Mode. to get the best setting for your amiga be creative and try every setting and change what you can and save it, since ones it's set it will work practically all the time :) If you want more info on this subject read the provided document with EasyTransfer

I've set everything up what now?

Now that you have everything up and running and you've creatively found the most optimum setting to use let's get going on FileTransfering :)

On your right is the Server window this is where you select the path where you want to receive and transfer files from locally the left window is for the slave side, above both big windows you must type in the full path of where the data you need is and when you hit return the directory listing should be coming in from the slave side within seconds. Now that both directory listings are in you can select from either sides which files you want to transfer just by selecting those files and press receive/send in the middle the other buttons speak for itself. You're al set now! Have Fun and Happy Transfering ;)

Guide written by Randolf van der Veen for Amiga Legal Emulation 2000.

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