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The following "how to" guides have been written by Malc Jennings 1999-2000 and should not be made available at other sites without permission from the author. None of the information available here has been extracted from other web sites and is 100% valid for Amiga Legal Emulation.

I trust that these guides are easy to follow - if you have any problems post it on the message board.

Choose Your Guide .... RFF = Reserved For The Future
How To Get The Kick.ROM
How To Setup WinUAE
How To Setup Fellow
How To Create A DMS Archive
How To Create A Blank ADF
How To Create A Virtual Hard Disk
How To Make A Bootable ADF
How To Unpack An LHA
How To Create An LHA
How To Troubleshoot Startups
How To Transfer Files
How To Make An ADF
How To Unpack An ADF
How To Boot From CD in WinUAE
How To Install Workbench On A HDF
How To Replace A Real Amiga Keyboard
How To Replace A Real Amiga Floppy Drive
How To Write An AmigaGuide™
How To Connect Your Amiga To The Web
How To Transfer Files Using A Serial Cable
How To Setup & Use WinFellow
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