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Introduction To Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to setup WinUAE quickly and easily. Many people have found problems in getting this emulator to work, especially those that do not know much about the Amiga computer and are diving in head first - not that there is anything wrong with that.

You can now setup WinUAE within a few minutes and get your games working instantly - of course there will always be a bit of tweaking and changing to be done but at least you will be on your way.


You will need the following to follow this tutorial:

  • WinUAE (any version)
  • Kickstart 1.3
  • Kickstart 3.0 (Kickstart 2.0 is optional)
  • Windows 9x/2k

Once you have all of the above proceed to the guide.


Download the WinUAE configurations from this site by clicking here and follow these steps:

  • Unzip WinUAE configurations into the configurations folder of your WinUAE directory
  • Make sure you have KICK13.ROM (kickstart 1.3) and KICK30.ROM (kickstart 3.0) in the WinUAE folder
  • If you have KICK31.ROM rename it to KICK30.ROM
  • Start WinUAE

You will notice a set of configurations (the image above is an example), all of the Amiga models have been taken care of and all that remains is for you to:

  • Select an Amiga configuration (depending on the game/demo)
  • Click the Floppies Tab
  • Insert your ADF images into DF0 through to DF3: by clicking the [:] buttons.
  • Click OK to start

Now, if a game fails to load there are 3 things you should try before posting at the boards:

  1. Try a different configuration
  2. Change the settings on the CPU, Display Chipset and Memory tabs.
  3. Visit Back To The Roots for a configuration for the game you are trying to load.

Remember the Amiga is quite complex and as there are many different systems and configurations you should be aware that you will need to play with the settings at some point, always save with a different configuration name and description so that if the problem is worse than before you can go back to the default settings.

Enjoy this superb emulator.

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