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HOW TO Connect Your Amiga To The Web
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Introduction To Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to connect your beloved Amiga to the information super highway so that you can do some really good research work (yeah right) - we all know what the web is for - emulation :O). Seriously though this guide will get you and your real life 3D Amiga on to the web (not an emulator!)

I hope this tutorial proves useful.


You will need the following to follow this tutorial:

  • Workbench 2.0+
  • An A500+ or higher
  • An Amiga Modem
  • Magic User Interface (MUI)
  • AmiTCP
  • AMosaic

Once you have all of the above proceed to the guide.


In order to get connected you need to install 3 packages correctly, getting up and running is a lot easier than it actually sounds. First, you are going to need an internet account, before starting to install your software you need 3 bits of information about your account.

  1. Account name
  2. Account password
  3. Your IP Address

Your IP address can be obtained by logging on using a normal communications package like NComm - alternatively you may be able to obtain your IP address from your internet provider. The first program you need to install is MUI (Magic User Interface), without it your other programs simply won't run, The installation for this program is done automatically by the Commodore installer.

The next program is AmiTCP. This package takes a while to install, although it is not difficult providing you read the on-screen prompts and follow them correctly. When AmiTCP is installed, you need your actual browser which is called AMosaic. Again this program is very easy to install as it is done automatically by the Commodore Installer.

Before using your browser you should check that your Amiga has several things set correctly. You will certainly need a JPEG and GIF datatype (stored on your DEVS folder) as almost all of the web sites on the internet use these two formats and the datatype will be used to view them. If you do not have this datatype then pay a visit to Aminet by clicking here.

With all the software installed it is best to reboot your Amiga, turn on your Modem and launch AMosaic. A window will open but will have nothing in it. Open an AmigaDOS/Shell/CLI window by double clicking the CLI program in the SYSTEM folder of your Workbench disk (the following window should pop-up)

Now type: LINK UP followed by return. Your Amiga will now connect to the internet, to visit your first page click OPEN and enter the address - is a good place to start :O).

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